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High Speed PON Market Sales Executive

Who we are:

ELPHiC is delivering an industry first and the Holy Grail of high-speed optical communications—integrated high-speed electronics and optical components (lasers, laser modulators, photodiodes, etc.) on a single semiconductor substrate resulting in much, much higher speeds at lower power and lower cost.

ELPHiC’s new class of electro-photonic chips is poised to revolutionize and disrupt the optical interconnect market. Utilizing this new class of chips enables existing optical interconnect systems to be built at much lower cost, new architectures to be deployed that provide significantly higher price/performance and a whole new generation of higher speed interconnect to be built that to date have been impossible.

The market opportunity for ELPHiC products in the high speed PON market:

ELPHiC’s chips will turn the high speed PON market (XGPON, 25G PON, 50G PON) on its head. All PON devices today utilize avalanche photodiodes to get the sensitivity and performance required. The negative of the avalanche photodiode is that it requires a very high voltage power supply that is expensive and has lower reliability. ELPHiC’s integration of electronics gives a much higher performance PIN diode solution that eliminates the need for an avalanche photodiode and its problematic high voltage. This simpler, easier, lower cost design will enable ELPHiC to take significant market share in all high speed PON markets whether FTTH where XGPON is becoming the standard or high growth areas like 5G fronthaul.

What we are looking for:

We want a highly motivated, entrepreneurial sales executive who has a proven track record of selling into the PON market. There is a sea change happening as the FTTH market moves to XGPON and 5G front haul requires 25G or 50G PONs. ELPHiC is delivering the products that can upend these markets and we need a sales executive who can make that happen from a business point of view.


  • Open up the PON markets for ELPHiC products
  • Sell into all segments and geographies: FTTH/5G front haul and in NA, EMEA and ROA
  • Hire and manage a field system engineer to create the selling team
  • Work closely with the CEO and technical team on winning the key accounts


  • At least 3 years selling into the high speed PON market
  • At least 5 years of successful technology sales
  • Experience in a small company environment
  • BS in Engineering

Only selected candidates will be contacted.


Send your resume to: hr@elphic.com

Send your CV to ElectroPhotonic-IC to apply for this position.