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Optical Waveguide / Taper Designer

Who we are:

ELPHiC is delivering an industry first and the Holy Grail of high-speed optical communications—integrated high-speed electronics and optical components (lasers, laser modulators, photodiodes, etc.) on a single semiconductor substrate resulting in much, much higher speeds at lower power and lower cost.

ELPHiC’s new class of electro-photonic chips is poised to revolutionize and disrupt the optical interconnect market. Utilizing this new class of chips enables existing optical interconnect systems to be built at much lower cost, new architectures to be deployed that provide significantly higher price/performance and a whole new generation of higher speed interconnect to be built that to date have been impossible.

What we are looking for:

We want a highly motivated, experienced engineers with a proven track record of designing high speed optics for the PON and Data Center markets. There is a never-ending quest for higher speeds, lower power, and higher reliability. ELPHiC is delivering the products that can upend these markets and we are seeking engineers to join our team to make that happen.


  • Lead the design of optical waveguides and efficient waveguide coupling
  • Simulate and optimize performance of optoelectronic lasers and modulators, using Lumerical and Comsol, coordinating with a team of laser and modulator device designers
  • Design/implement programmatic workflows with above tools.
  • Prepare presentations, calculations, documentation, etc. working into a structured release environment.
  • Generate key intellectual property (IP) for novel ideas in optoelectronic device design


  • Masters/PhD in optoelectronics or other relevant major, together with significant experience in modeling optical waveguides in semiconductors
  • Demonstrated and referenceable expertise in optical tapers for coupling light from one mode to another in a vertically coupled waveguide structure
  • Experience with numerical optical waveguide modeling tools and experience with Lumerical/Comsol/Matlab. MODE and FEEM within Lumerical.
  • Experience with Lumerical scripting and sweeps, and programmatic workflow
  • Experience with Matlab
  • Excellent ability to work in cross-functional teams as both a team leader and a contributor
  • Ability to follow specific direction and also to take initiative within broader scope of direction
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong presentation and documentation skills

Preferred Additional Qualifications

  • Experience with numerical quantum well modeling tools and experience with Lumerical/Comsol/Matlab. MQW, QCSE within Lumerical. Working knowledge of key materials parameters for InP-based semiconductor barriers and wells—e.g. bandgap energy, band edge discontinuity, lattice constant, PL, etc. as a function of doping and temperature
  • Experience in high speed dynamics and carrier transport relevant to MQW structures
  • Experience in high speed transmission devices (25G and higher)
  • Knowledge of semiconductor device physics, laser diode testing/characterization and wafer growth/process technology
  • Experience with software data analysis and data processing tools (e.g. Excel, Python) preferred
  • Experience with InP semiconductor wafer processing
  • Experience with epitaxial growth of III/V semiconductor material preferred

Only selected candidates will be contacted.


Send your resume to: hr@elphic.com

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